Site Policy

Site Policy
This website is operated and maintained by Center for International Economic Collaboration (CFIEC) with the purpose of providing information to enhance public understanding of activities of CFIEC and introducing events and activities undertaken by CFIEC.
This site policy is applicable only to the CFIEC website, and is not applicable to other websites linked to the CFIEC website.
We ask each user to read and agree to our site policy before using this website. You can use this site, when you agree to the terms and conditions described below. In the event CFIEC updates or modifies this site policy, CFIEC shall endeavor to post such changes on this website. Your continued use of this website shall constitute your acceptance of the modified site policy.


The copyright of information provided on this site, such as commentary texts, databases, charts and tables, images, etc., belongs to CFIEC unless specified otherwise.
Any use of the information provided on this site as a whole or a part of the content (quotation, duplication, upload, republication or other use) shall require the prior consent of CFIEC.
You may display, reproduce or print part of the contents of this website for your personal use based on the preconditions that the information shall not be used in any way to allow free access by unspecified third parties, and that the information shall not be used for profit.

Prohibited Actions

Any action described below taken on this website are prohibited.
(1) To provide the links in the site with the content that infringes the rights and benefits of CFIEC and/or a third party.
(2) To display the content of the CFIEC website within the framework of the third party’s website without permission.
(3) To post content that is offensive to public order and moral, or that may lead criminal act.
(4) To use this website for profit.
(5) To register information (name, mail address, etc.) that is false or misleading and/or that brings inconvenience to a third party.
(6) To constitute a hindrance to the proper operation of this website.
(7) Any other actions that CFIEC considers inappropriate.

Access Log

CFIEC records and stores access logs. CFIEC uses the logs for the purposes of compiling and analyzing statistics to monitor trend of access as a reference for the improvement of future operation of the website.


CFIEC makes the utmost effort to maintain, but nevertheless does not guarantee, the accuracy and up-to-dateness of information provided on this website.
Concerning the information (including changes and deletions of content, URL, etc.) on this website, CFIEC hereby disclaims responsibility and liability for any loss or damage that may be incurred by the users and/or any other third party.