Praivacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Policy on the protection of personal information

Center for International Economic Collaboration (CFIEC) recognizes the importance of the personal information and will take the utmost care to ensure the appropriate protection on such personal information in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.

Use of the collected personal information

(1)CFIEC may use the personal information collected from its website users and participants of CFIEC events for sending information or invitation of other events, or sending its publications and mail magazines, etc. CFIEC will not use such personal information gathered for a specific purpose beyond the scope of the purposes designated at the collection.
(2)CFIEC shall not release such personal information collected to any third party without the consent of the users unless specifically required by law.
(3)CFIEC may commission a handling of the personal information to the third party in order to achieve the specific objectives.In such occasion, CFIEC will enter into the contract to ensure appropriate handling of the personal information by such third party.

Handling of the personal information

To ensure secured and proper handling of the personal information, CFIEC will take appropriate actions to prevent unauthorized access, loss of the personal information, etc.

Correction and deletion

If there should be any error or changes in the personal information provided, CFIEC will make necessary correction or deletion of such personal information at the personal request of the individual user.

Contact for inquiries

For the confirmation of the personal information and for the questions on handling the personal information, please contact us (at