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No. 193 [0788-0791] ( March 22, 2011 )
Promoting the Industrialization of Agriculture and Agriculture-Commerce-Industry Partnerships

Policies designed to realize the government’s New Growth Strategy include efforts to strengthen ties between agriculture, forestry and fisheries, which serve as the heart of local industry, with commerce and industry to generate synergy and stimulate local economies. In this issue, we look at the industrialization of agriculture and agriculture-commerce-industry partnerships as promising new business models.

Jukka Pajarinen
No.0193[0791] 22/March/2011

Harumi Sasaguchi
No.0193[0790] 22/March/2011

Hiroyuki Kobayashi
No.0193[0789] 22/March/2011

Toshiyuki Monma
No.0193[0788] 22/March/2011

No. 192 [0785-0788] ( February 21, 2011 )
Economic partnership

Amidst the meteoric rise of the newly emerging economies stage, interdependence continues to deepen in the global economy, accompanied by an economic partnership drive among developed economies. Faced with these trends, Japan too needs to strengthen and expand its high-level economic partnerships as a key policy agenda in terms of shaping economic growth. In this issue, we look at the significance of the 2010 APEC Japan, Japan’s economic partnership program for the years ahead, and issues requiring urgent attention to that end.

H.E. Dr. EM Sophoan
No.0192[0787] 21/February/2011

Hidehiko Nishiyama
No.0192[0786] 21/February/2011

Risaburo Nezu
No.0192[0785] 21/February/2011

No. 191 [0777-0784] ( January 20, 2011 )
New Directions for 'Cool Japan'

In this special New Year issue, we asked a number of key figures to sum up the past year and preview Japan’s prospects for 2011. Their incisive economic, political and cultural observations throw into relief Japan’s present and future, as well as the shape to which Japan should aspire.

Keisuke Yamada
No.0191[0784] 20/January/2011

Hirotaka Yamakawa
No.0191[0783] 20/January/2011

Masakazu Hosoda
No.0191[0782] 20/January/2011

Risaburo Nezu
No.0191[0781] 20/January/2011

Yoshihisa Kitai
No.0191[0780] 20/January/2011

Yuko Kawamoto
No.0191[0779] 20/January/2011

Tsugio Ide
No.0191[0778] 20/January/2011

Koichiro Akatsu
No.0191[0777] 20/January/2011

No. 190 [0773-0776] ( December 20, 2010 )
New Directions for 'Cool Japan'

Proactive initiatives to export Japan’s culture industry, lauded offshore as ‘Cool Japan’, are drawing attention as a key element in Japan’s New Growth Strategy, prompting METI to establish the Creative Industries Promotion Office this June. This month, we look at what the government is doing to promote ‘Cool Japan’, and explore the potential of this ‘soft’ power as an economic driver.

Haruhiko Taguchi
No.0190[0776] 20/December/2010

Ryuichi Kumakura
No.0190[0775] 20/December/2010

Seita Ishihara
No.0190[0774] 20/December/2010

Naofumi Kaneko
No.0190[0773] 20/December/2010

No. 189 [0769-0772] ( November 22, 2010 )
Inversion of the age pyramid and industry creation

As Japan struggles with the onset of fully-fledged age pyramid inversion--a falling birth rate and a swelling elderly population--the government is working to boost the birth rate while also exploring new ways of expanding domestic demand and capturing offshore demand in the newly-emerging economies and elsewhere to underpin Japan's economic growth. This month we focus on inversion of the age pyramid and industry creation, examining the relationship between a graying society with fewer children and the economy and industry in terms of the import for future economic growth.

Ninie Yan WANG
No.0189[0772] 22/November/2010

Takanori Shibata
No.0189[0771] 22/November/2010

Masami Fujioka
No.0189[0770] 22/November/2010

Satoru Matsubara
No.0189[0769] 22/November/2010

No. 188 [0764-0768] ( October 20, 2010 )
New Growth Areas

METI’s Manufacturing Industries Bureau recently established five study groups to look at next-generation vehicles, water business, textiles and fashion, the Chemical Vision and innovation in biotechnology. Here we look at challenges for Japan and steps to be taken in four of these areas, for which growth strategies have been designed to take advantage of Japan’s experience and technological strengths with the aim of contributing to the wider world.

Takehiro Nagai
No.0188[0768] 20/October/2010

Yuko Yoshida
No.0188[0767] 20/October/2010

Kenichi Tomiyoshi
No.0188[0766] 20/October/2010

Koichi Sato
No.0188[0765] 20/October/2010

Takayoshi Suzuki
No.0188[0764] 20/September/2010

No. 187 [0760-0763] ( September 21, 2010 )
White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2010

This month’s issue focuses on the White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2010. How will the government utilize the globalization of the Japanese economy and directions toward economic recovery to lock in new growth? Breaking Japan out of its long-running recession will require a range of measures.

Sharon Cooper
No.0187[0763] 21/September/2010

Rika Takahashi
No.0187[0762] 21/September/2010

Hiroyuki Yamagata
No.0187[0761] 21/September/2010

Junichi Saruwatari
No.0187[0760] 21/September/2010

No. 186 [0756-0759] ( August 20, 2010 )
2010 Energy White Paper

This month’s issue focuses on the 2010 Energy White Paper. Against the backdrop of rapid economic development in the newly-emerging economies, energy security and the critical nature of the global warming issue have moved to the forefront of global consciousness, with the international energy situation approaching a major turning point. Abundant experience and advanced technologies position Japan as a potentially key player in realizing low-carbon societies and greater energy security.

Reiko Eda
No.0186[0759] 20/August/2010

Naoki Hara
No.0186[0758] 20/August/2010

Maki Yasutomi
No.0186[0757] 20/August/2010

Yuji Morita
No.0186[0756] 20/August/2010

No. 185 [0752-0755] ( July 20, 2010 )
White Paper on Manufacturing Industries in Japan 2010

In this issue, we focus on the White Paper on Manufacturing Industries in Japan 2010. With manufacturing industries in Korea, China, India and other newly-emerging economies becoming increasingly competitive in the global economy, what does the White Paper have to say? From the numerous challenges a vision is emerging for a new style of skilled manufacturing for Japan.

Singtong Lapistepun
No.0185[0755] 20/July/2010

Hiroaki Watanabe
No.0185[0754] 20/July/2010

Ichiro Kawakami
No.0185[0753] 20/July/2010

Yoshihisa Kitai
No.0185[0752] 20/July/2010

No. 184 [0748-0751] ( June 21, 2010 )
Theme: 2010 White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in

This edition focuses on the 2010 SME White Paper. Small and medium enterprises have long underpinned Japan’s economic growth, adapting themselves in response to the changing times. As such, SME efforts to adjust to trends such as inversion of the age pyramid and ongoing globalization could be said to lay out a path towards the revitalization of the Japanese economy.

Satoshi Nishino
No.0184[0751] 21/June/2010