Exchange Program on Specified Markets

Advocating the objectives of the Market Councils, Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST) concluded an agreement with the British, Netherlands, and Belgium-Luxembourg Councils for cooperation in economic exchange promotion programs with each of these Councils and started to support their programs in fiscal 2004.

--Background for Support--

The Three Market Councils originated from import promotion missions dispatched from Japan in the 1970s, when the country accumulated external trade surpluses and faced serious trade friction with the United States and Europe. The missions were organized to aggressively promote import to Japan as one of the objectives of the Japanese government’s external trade policies. Since their establishment, these Councils have conducted multifarious programs to maintain and develop smooth economic relations with their respective countries, and many of these programs are in line with the objectives of IIST. The Institute therefore decided to give support to the Councils in implementing various projects.

IIST started extending support to the activities of the Market Councils in fiscal 2004. The following shows the major activities that the Councils conducted with IIST assistance.