Studies on International Trade Systems

Training on how to foster management staff who can cope with the internationalization of Japan’s economy and training on practical business and problems in international trade have been the basic tasks of IIST since its foundation. With the times, the key to success in international business shifted to the acquisition of knowledge on international trade rules and practical skills. In recent years, in particular, promotion of understanding of WTO rules and problems of regional cooperation, such as FTA, has become an important issue.

To cope with such situations, study meetings (International Trade Policy Forum) and seminars (International Trade Problem Study Seminar) have been held since fiscal 2005 in cooperation with the Center for Fair Trade & WTO Studies of the Institute for International Trade and Investment, which is well experienced in studies on international trade problems. Various issues and problems of international trade rules have been discussed via these venues at opportune times

--International Trade Policy Forum--

“International Trade Policy Forum” has been planned and held with the participation of related parties such as people from business organizations, knowledgeable people, and businesspersons. At the forum, negotiating officials explain current conditions and problems of international trade negotiations in person and administrative officials who map out international trade policies at the forefront give lectures on issues surrounding future trade policies for each country. It offers people in the private and public sectors with opportunities to exchange opinions on multilateral rules including WTO, development in regional cooperation between bilateral and multilateral countries, including FTA, and so forth, with administrative officials in charge of negotiations, experts in international trade problems and people with practical experiences also attending.

--International Trade Problem Study Seminar--

“International Trade Problem Study Seminar” offers opportunities to announce research and study results and exchange opinions on themes requiring expert knowledge. Such themes include international trade problems, the latest developments in trade and investment, disputes with major trading partners, and international trade rules that are being mapped out, which are vitally important to companies promoting international business.

Both the forum and the seminar are open to participation by the public at large. If you have any questions on this matter, please contact the Research and Development Department of the Center for Fair Trade & WTO Studies.