International Economic and Industrial Exchange Program

The international economic environment surrounding Japan is changing rapidly as a result of the rise of emerging economies and other factors. These developments are both a tough challenge not only for the nation as a whole but also for regional economies and industries and at the same time an opportunity to expand new business chances. Internationalization in the regions is essential for the development of regional economies and the promotion of business with nearby countries and others. However, the overseas understanding of Japan’s regions, trade and investment relations, mutual exchange, and so on are not necessarily adequate. Therefore, in cooperation with regional Bureaus of Economy, Trade and Industry and respecting the initiative of the regions themselves, IIST has been implementing the International Economic and Industrial Exchange Program since fiscal 2002.

--Selection and Implementation of Projects--

Each fiscal year, under the guidance of the Trade Policy Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, IIST solicits project applications through regional Bureaus of Economy, Trade and Industry and selects and implements projects in consideration of such factors as planning content, budget scale, implementation date, support arrangements, and the region-project balance. The bureau concerned implements the project in cooperation with local governments, business organizations, and other related parties. In addition to financial assistance, IIST in particular provides support to utilize international know-how, such as the invitation of foreigners and diplomats.

--1. Project to Hold International Symposiums, Etc.--

IIST selects themes from among the issues faced by the Japanese and international economy, industry, and management and holds international symposiums, expert workshops, lecture meetings, discussion meetings, and so on attended by a wide range of related persons from Japan and overseas as well as general audience. IIST invites learned persons and experts from overseas to attend these events (or dispatches Japanese learned persons and experts overseas).

--2. Project to Promote Understanding of Regional Economies--

As part of its efforts to promote understanding of regional economies, IIST implements lecture meetings, training, industrial tours, and other activities for persons invited from overseas, embassy officials stationed in Japan, journalists based in Tokyo, businesspeople, and others to enable them to learn about the state of regional economies and main industries and other topics. This project also includes the holding of explanatory meetings overseas to introduce regions and attract investment.

--3. Project to Promote Business Exchange--

This project provides opportunities for exchange among Japanese and international businesspeople aimed at expanding mutual business chances. It includes the dispatch of missions overseas to engage in exchange.