Invitation Program of Advanced Medicl Technology Specialists

The level of medical care in our country reached one of the best in the world, while some developing countries such as in the Southeast Asian region are still outstripped in this field, although they are advancing in economical development. Accepting and training the doctors from the developing countries not only means transferring medical technologies, but it also means to establish and maintain extensive and friendly relationships between our countries. The international exchange program to promote highly developed medical technologies and equipment started in early 80’s. From 2004, the program has been implemented by IIST. We now invite specialists in advanced medical care from the countries in Southeast Asia for their training.

--How it started--

In 1981, Dr. Mahathir, Malaysia’s Prime Minister of that time, visited Japan. He and the then Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki shared a vision to establish a “heart-to-heart interaction” between Japan and other Asian countries. Following up on that vision, the then Ministry of International Trade and Industry took a leadership role in designing a program which would contribute to international community, at the same time to develop people who would be knowledgeable about Japan as well as the professional expertise. The program has been carried out smoothly for about a quarter-century. From 2004, IIST, which has experience in human resource development activities, was requested to carry on the program.

--The Program--

The program consists of technical training on the latest medical technologies and equipment, participation in the academic conferences of the medical care specialists in Japan, and seminars on the Japanese society and culture, including Japanese language lessons.

Furthermore, in addition to the training in Japan, the medical experts from Japan are dispatched to do a survey on the training needs of the universities and medical institutions to which invitees belong. Also as a follow-up of the former trainees’ continuous development, the Japanese specialists and experts conduct a demonstration or a lecture on medical technology visiting the former trainees at their institutions.