Invitation-to-Japan Project for Chinese University Students

With Prime Minister Abe’s visit to China in October 2006 seen as a turning point in improving Japan-China relations, the Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST), together with the Japan-China Economic Association and the Japan-China Friendship Association, concurs with and has decided to support the initiative of The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China in implementing a project to help promote mutual understanding between Japan and China, independent of the government’s undertakings.

--Objectives of the Project--

The aim of the project is to promote understanding of Japan’s society, economy, and other elements of our culture among China’s younger generation to contribute to building a stable and long-term friendship between Japan and China into the future. The project places particular emphasis on increasing understanding of our corporate activities.

--Project Outline--

For a period of five years beginning in fiscal 2007, we will invite a visiting group of Chinese university students (junior and sophomore) and supervising professors twice a year. Each group, comprising approximately 50 members, will stay in Japan for a period of 10 days, during which period they will visit companies, universities, and regions outside of Tokyo and Osaka, as well as experience homestays.