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ES Japan Corporation Case Studies on Japan-Israel SMEs Collaboration 【2020/11/17】

Case Studies on Japan-Israel SMEs Collaboration

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● Background

ES Japan Corporation was established on June 1, 2019, as a wholly-owned company by Centric Corporation, which runs call center operations in Japan. The company has licensed voice analysis technology from Nemesysco Ltd., headquartered in Israel. It is engaged in the development, sale, and maintenance of voice-based human emotion analysis solutions in Japan. The company is currently using voice analysis technology to develop solutions for the domestic market, including customer service solutions for call centers, operator training services, and employee motivation evaluations for client companies.
Founded in 2000 in Israel, Nemesysco is the world's leading company in the field of voice analysis. The company is researching and developing LVA (Layered Voice Analysis) technology in collaboration with experts in related fields (psychology, criminology, phonetics, psychiatry, mathematics, etc.). At its core, LVA technology identifies different types of stress levels, cognitive processes, and emotional responses reflected in the subtle characteristics of the voice. It uses a proprietary mathematical process to detect various kinds of emotional patterns and abnormalities hidden in the sound. The company currently operates in 53 countries around the world.


・Providing cutting-edge voice analysis solution

・The First Gold Partner of Nemesysco Ltd. in Asia

・Business partnership based on strong trust between engineers in Japan and Israel

● Collaboration with the world's leading voice emotion analysis company

ES Japan is developing its own applications for the Japanese market, receiving core technology and support from through a distributorship agreement. To introduce this Israeli-originated voice analysis technology to Japan, Centric Group has been conducting joint research with Kumamoto University since 2018 to develop more than a dozen uniquely Japanese emotional parameters. The company seeks to expand its business in the Japanese market by developing service applications such as call centers, HR recruitment and personality diagnostics, insurance fraud risk detection, interview and interrogation support for investigative agencies, and stress checks.

LVA emotion detection capabilities
LVA emotion detection capabilities

ES Japan has sent three technical staff members visiting Israel for training in the past. They receive technical guidance from Nemesysco through daily teleconferences. The CEO and CTO of Nemesysco have also visited Japan three times since the start of Japanese operations. According to Mr. Izumi Takahashi, ES Japan Director, they build a solid bond through close communication. The two companies have a robust and trustworthy relationship.
Any new technological innovation is likely to be introduced to the Japanese market three to five years later from the western markets. The Japanese market is desirable to Nemesysco because it is at the dawn of the voice analysis market compared to the EU or US market. Nemesysco is looking to expand its technology into the large Japanese market, while ES Japan is looking for business opportunities based on cutting-edge technology. It seems that the two companies have a mutually complementary relationship.
One of ES Japan’s services, “ESAS Core Service,” is based on “LVA7”, which is the core technology supplied by Nemesysco. It can output various emotional parameters into an easily understandable format. In October 2020, the company announced a new service in collaboration with Nikkei Integrated Systems, Inc. The future business development of ES Japan is getting more and more attention from the Japanese industry.

Izumi Takahashi, Director of ES Japan (Center)
Izumi Takahashi, Director of ES Japan (Center)

Company Information

Company Name

ES Japan Corporation


Ryo Yamada


June, 2019


10 million JPY

Number of Employees



Daisan Kyoritsu Building 5F, Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0014 JAPAN





Interview: Center on Finance and Innovation, Waseda University
Editor: Center for International Economic Collaboration

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