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APEC HRD-CBN Project “Strategic Human Resource Management for Successful Foreign Investment in APEC” Workshop in Taipei [January 27-29, 2015]

APEC HRD-CBN Project "Strategic Human Resource Management for Successful Foreign Investment in APEC" Workshop in Taipei


Developing and retaining quality local workforce by introducing effective human resource management (HRM) are essential for companies to achieve sustained growth in the APEC region through foreign direct investment (FDI). This workshop was held to identify and analyze success factors in HRM for foreign investors and local partners to improve performance of companies' foreign affiliates.

Main Schedule


January 27
Preparatory meeting for the workshop by APEC experts

January 28
APEC workshop: "Strategic Human Resource Management for Successful Foreign Investment in APEC"

January 29
Wrap-up meeting by APEC experts, etc.


Workshop participants: 21 persons (managers in small and medium-sized enterprises in Chinese Taipei and foreign companies operating in Chinese Taipei, human resource consultants, officials in charge of human resource development at public organizations, etc.)

Resource speakers: 8 human resource development experts in the APEC region (2 each from Australia and Japan, 1 each from Indonesia, Philippines, Chinese Taipei, and Viet Nam) and 3 APEC representatives (from Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand)


The project was proposed in 2014 and provided opportunities to entrepreneurs and managers engaged in FDI in the APEC region for learning about HRM for developing and utilizing quality local workforce so as to achieve companies' growth and expansion through FDI. Experts in the field of HRM were nominated by APEC member economies and 10 cases on six APEC economies were developed to showcase various challenges for HRM systems in companies' foreign affiliate. In order to present the cases developed and establish HRM guidelines for foreign affiliates, the workshop was held in Taipei in January with the cooperation of the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and the Foundation for Women's Rights Promotion and Development (FWRPD). Representatives of local companies and organizations were invited to the workshop.

In the workshop, the experts and APEC representatives presented their cases either on large corporations or small and medium-sized enterprises and introduced best practices and challenges in HRM for companies' foreign affiliates. Based on these presentations, the participants discussed strategic HRM for successful FDI. They gave various opinions on success factors, including understanding of the local culture and environment, the provision of added-value training and remuneration, and cooperation with local governmental organizations for scouting and developing quality workforce. Discussion was also made on key items to be included in the HRM guidelines, considering what knowledge is needed by companies engaged in FDI. The cases and HRM guidelines will be finalized by incorporating the discussions at the workshop. They will be published as a report and distributed for widely disseminating the outcome of the project.

Scene of the workshop

Scene of the workshop

Commemorative photo with participants in the Taipei workshop

Commemorative photo with participants in the Taipei workshop

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