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The 37th APEC Human Resources Development Working Group Meeting and The 16th Capacity Building Network Meeting (Boracay) [May 14-17, 2015]

The 37th APEC Human Resources Development Working Group Meeting and The 16th Capacity Building Network Meeting (Boracay)


APEC held the Second APEC Senior Officials' Meeting and Related Meetings (SOM2) and the Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Trade (MRT) on the Philippine island of Boracay on May 10-24, 2015, with the Philippines serving as the host economy. Among the related meetings, IIST participated as Japan's representative in the 37th APEC Human Resource Development Working Group (HRDWG) Meeting and a meeting of the Capacity Building Network (CBN) under the HRDWG, presenting a final report on the "Strategic Human Resource Management for Successful Foreign Investment in APEC" project, which had been implemented from the previous fiscal year.

Main Schedule

May 14:
-HRDWG - Plenary Opening Session

May 15:
-Capacity Building Network (CBN)

May 16:
-CBN-LSPN(The Labour and Social Protection Network)Joint Workshop

May 17:
-HRDWG - Plenary Closing Session

*For details, please see the full schedule (English).

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Under the theme of "Building inclusive economies, building a better world," APEC sets a number of goals for 2015, including enhancing the regional economic integration agenda, fostering the participation of small and medium enterprises in regional and global markets, investing in human capital development, building sustainable and resilient communities, and strengthening economic and technical cooperation. With these targets in mind, the 37th HRDWG Meeting confirmed the importance of project activities in such fields as education, skills development, labor market information sharing, technology sharing, talent and managerial building, and protecting and promoting the interests of workers.

At the opening, the HRDWG lead shepherd noted that the activities of the HRDWG were consistent with the APEC Connectivity Blueprint, the joint statement of the 6th Human Resources Development Ministerial Meeting, and the 2015-2018 Action Plan and emphasized the importance of the three subgroups keeping an eye on common goals and searching for greater collaboration and cross-sectional cooperation within the working group.

Thirteen economies participated in the 16th CBN Meeting (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, the People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the Philippines, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and Vietnam). Continuing from the previous meeting, Chinese Taipei served as coordinator. At the opening, the Philippines, which as the host economy served as co-chair, stressed the importance of activities in light of the statement of the High Level Policy Dialogue on Human Capacity Building (HLPD on HCB) held in Papua New Guinea on May 6-7. Next, the CBN deputy coordinator from Chinese Taipei looked back on CBN project activities in 2014 and noted that they had been in line with the three priority goals of the working group, namely, developing 21st century knowledge and skills, integrating HRD into the global economy, and addressing the social dimensions of globalization. It was also reported that around 50% of projects approved by the HRDWG, which consists of three subgroups, are proposals from the CBN. Each economy, then gave a report on projects that were being planned or had been completed in accordance with the priority areas. Japan delivered a report on the activities and achievements of the fiscal 2014 APEC-funded "Strategic Human Resource Management for Successful Foreign Investment in APEC" project and distributed a report presenting cases developed by experts from various economies who had taken part in the project. The importance of this report was also mentioned in the Joint Statement of the High Level Policy Dialogue on Human Capacity Building (HLPD on HCB) which was adopted on May 7 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea .

Seventeen economies attended a joint meeting of the Labor and Social Protection Network and the CBN held on the following day. The participants discussed such issues as the enhancement of labor mobility and related challenges and social protection measures in the APEC region, which were taken up in the statement by the APEC HRD Ministerial Meeting in 2014.
On the final day there was a plenary session of the HRDWG at which subgroup coordinators summarized the activities of their subgroups, and work toward revision and agreement of the 2015 annual work plan, strategic plan, and Terms of Reference document was confirmed. It has been decided that Peru will host APEC meetings in fiscal 2016. However, both Russia and Peru have declared their willingness to host the 6th APEC Education Ministerial Meeting, so the venue of this meeting has yet to be decided.

37th HRDWG Meeting

37th HRDWG Meeting

16th CBN Meeting

16th CBN Meeting

Human Resource Development Dept.

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