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The Asia-Japan Young Leadership Program -Cambodia- (FY2014) [November 17-22, 2014]

The Asia-Japan Young Leadership Program -Cambodia- (FY2014)


This project, which involved inviting young business people from Cambodia to Japan, was planned and implemented with the aims of deepening their understanding of Japan and promoting economic and human exchanges between the two countries. During a week the invited participants visited companies, related organization, facilities, and other places in Tokyo, Ibaraki, Aichi, and Kyoto prefectures that display special characteristics relating to the strengths of Japanese companies, namely, high technology, a customer-oriented approach, and the fusion of tradition and modernization. At the places visited the participants were given an explanation of business activities, shown around plants and facilities, and engaged in discussions. They also visited places of historical interest so as to deepen their understanding of Japanese history, culture, and traditions.

Dates: November 17-22, 2014
Places: Tokyo, Ibaraki, Aichi and Kyoto
Organized by: Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST)


5 young business people (Cambodians) working for Japanese companies in Cambodia (For details, please see bottom of page.)

Main Places Visited

Tokyo: Hamano Products Co. Inc., Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen General Control Center
Ibaraki: MAYEKAWA MFG. CO., LTD., KUBOTA Corporation
Aichi: Automotive & Aircraft Center (Toray Industries, Inc.), OKUMA Corporation
Kyoto: OMRON Communication Plaza, HOSOO


Through their visits to companies and facilities, the participants were deeply impressed by the professional way of approach of Japanese companies, which spare no effort in constantly searching for customer needs and supplying appropriate products and services to meet those demands. Moreover, the participants learned that in the process of creating these products and services, Japanese companies constantly give consideration to the environment and safety, build systems to train their human resources, and contribute to the transfer of technology and tradition. The participants appreciated these factors as outstanding features of Japanese companies, which conduct business management from a long-term perspective, and commented that they were eager to import these advantages into their own country.

Moriya Plant, MAYEKAWA MFG. CO., LTD.

Moriya Plant, MAYEKAWA MFG. CO., LTD.

Tsukuba Plant, KUBOTA Corporation

Tsukuba Plant, KUBOTA Corporation


(alphabetical order)

1. CHEA Sok Keang
Project Coordinator, Phnom Penh Liaison Office, Marubeni Corporation

2. MAM Chan Neang
Assistant Section Manager, Manufacturing Department, Sumi (Cambodia) Wiring Systems Co., Ltd.

3. SAM Techkong
Manager, Cambodia Representative Office, Panasonic Corporation

4. SOK Siev
Office Manager, Morofuji (Cambodia) Co., Ltd

5. SOY Phaleng

This program was subsidized by JKA.

Report: The Asia-Japan Young Leadership Program -Cambodia- (FY2014) (1MB)

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