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The 35th APEC Human Resources Development Working Group Meeting and The 14th Capacity Building Network Meeting (Medan) [June 22-26, 2013]

The 35th APEC Human Resources Development Working Group Meeting and The 14th Capacity Building Network Meeting (Medan)


During Indonesia year as the host economy of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the 35th Human Resources Development Working Group (HRD-WG) and 14th Capacity Building Network (CBN) meetings were held in Medan in June 2013. As the representative organization of Japan, IIST participated in the CBN meeting, presenting a report on a managerial human resource development project and discussing with participating economies about the CBN's role and its priority issues.


June 22-23:
-HRD-PPP Pilot Forum

June 24:
-35th HRD-WG and 14th CBN meetings

June 25:
-14th CBN meeting

June 26:
-35th HRD-WG meeting

*For details, see the overall schedule.

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In light of APEC's 2013 theme of "Resilient Asia-Pacific, Engine of Global Growth," discussions focused on the development of human resources to contribute to the sustainable economic growth of the Asia-Pacific region.

On the basis of the Moscow Initiative proposed in the 2012 HRD-WG to make use of public-private partnerships (PPP) as a new platform of the HRD-WG, the HRD-PPP Pilot Forum discussed the involvement of more stakeholders from industry and academia in HRD-WG activities. The province of North Sumatra, which hosted the forum, proposed the North Sumatra Action Plan, which calls for the implementation of activities to promote HRD-PPP in the province.

In the 35th HRD-WG meeting, it was agreed to give priority to such areas as job security and matching as well as cross-border education as common issues of the HRD-WG. Based on discussions in the HRD-PPP Pilot Forum, the HRD-WG Lead Shepherd proposed to further discuss the definition of PPP and method of utilizing PPP in the HRD-WG context. The Lead Shepherd also suggested implementing more cross-cutting activities by promoting cooperative relations among networks and with other APEC fora.

The 14th CBN meeting was attended by 10 economies: Australia, the People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, the Republic of the Philippines, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Chinese Taipei chaired the meeting as a new Coordinator. IIST delivered a completion report on the "Strengthening of Human Resource Management System of SMEs for Facilitating Successful Trade and Investment in APEC" project and distributed casebooks as the outcome of the project. In the meeting, it was agreed to focus on the following areas as CBN's priority issues over the coming year; "Strengthening capacity building of SME managers," "Developing competencies standardization and training quality systems," "Strengthening capacity building of hospital managers," and "Promoting skills development and a network of training providers in APEC." With this consensus, the network as a whole will continue activities contributing to the promotion of trade and investment liberalization in APEC.

35th HRD-WG

35th HRD-WG

Participants in the 14th CBN meeting

Participants in the 14th CBN meeting

Human Resource Development Dept.

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