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Case Method Teaching Workshop for Practitioners: Focusing on Teaching Objectives, Lesson Plan and Discussion Lead Skills [May 27, 2011]

Case Method Teaching Workshop for Practitioners: Focusing on Teaching Objectives, Lesson Plan and Discussion Lead Skllis


The workshop was organized for people who want to utilize the case method of teaching in their own classes and training and people who are already using the case method but wanted to reaffirm their application. Prior to the workshop, the participants were required to do designated readings, and other preparations, such as compiling a lesson plan. On the day the participants took part in an actual case discussion. They shared their individual opinions on issues surfacing in the classroom discussion and discussed them together with the instructor and other participants.
Associate Professor Shinichi Takeuchi (Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University) served as the instructor. There were 20 participants, about half of them university (graduate school) instructors and the rest management consultants and others. The designated reading was Introduction to the Case Method of Teaching (in Japanese), written by Associate Professor Takeuchi and published in the fall of 2010. The participants attended the workshop after considering many issues beforehand on the basis of this book.

Dates: May 27 (Friday),2011 10:00~17:00
Organized by: Case Center Japan (Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST))
Place: Nomura Conference Plaza Nihonbashi (Tokyo)


University (graduate school) instructors, management consultants, etc.


In the case method of teaching, three factors are deemed important in order to draw out meaningful discussions from the students: clear teaching objectives, careful lesson plans, and discussion lead skills. Of these, this workshop focused especially on setting teaching objectives. Addressing the issues gathered from the participants beforehand, the program consisted of group work and class discussion. In the first half of the program, a class discussion took place under the discussion leadership of Associate Professor Takeuchi. In a debriefing session, the participants looked back on this class discussion, raising questions and making suggestions in discussions with the instructor and other participants. In the second half, the participants divided into groups in order to again revise their lesson plans and go through actual preparatory work among the group members.
Although the designated book covers procedures and points to note in teaching by the case method, the experience of actual preparations and class discussion raised several issues that could not have been realized only from the textbook. The participants who attended the workshop had made sufficient preparations, reading the designated book and compiling a lesson plan, which was their designated assignment. Engaging positively in discussions with the instructor and other participants, they must have felt what it was like to actually conduct a lesson using the case method. In a questionnaire answered by all participants, the workshop received high marks, with satisfactory feedback."

Associate Professor Shinichi Takeuchi, the instructor

Associate Professor Shinichi Takeuchi, the instructor

Class discussion scene

Class discussion scene

Human Resource Development Dept.

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