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CCJ Case Method Workshop [December 04, 2009]

CCJ Case Method Workshop


In response to various requests from members of the Case Center Japan for a place to practice discussion leadership, IIST held a two-and-half-hour workshop for people with experience conducting case-method classes with Mr. Shinichi Takeuchi, Chief Representative of the Research Institute for Case Method Education as the discussion leader. The participants attended on the day after preparing for the workshop by doing an assignment sent to them beforehand.

Organizd by: Case Center Japan (Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST))

Date: December 4th (Friday), 2009


University (graduate school) teachers, management consultants, etc.


At the workshop, class discussions were held on the basis of the assignment that the participants had prepared beforehand. The participants took part as students but at the same time observed the class from the perspectives of DLs. After the discussion, Mr. Takeuchi conducted a debriefing session on the differences between the class he imagined based on the preliminary session plan and the actual flow of discussion, the reasons for these differences, and room for improvement.
On the debriefing session, which lasted for 60 minutes, a number of participants requested for longer time. In order to have deeper and more substantial discussions, the time allotted to this session will be scheduled to last for 90 minutes next time.

Regarding the discussion leader, the IIST asked Mr. Takeuchi to fulfill this role, considering him to be a person who would appreciate the workshop’s purpose of having the DL and the participants deepen discussions together from an equal standpoint. The participants highly praised Mr. Takeuchi for his ability to draw out lively opinions from them in a relaxed atmosphere, his open personality, and his detailed class preparation.

Mr. Shinichi Takeuchi, leading the discussion  1 Mr. Shinichi Takeuchi, leading the discussion 2
Mr. Shinichi Takeuchi, leading the discussion

Human Resource Development Dept.

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