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Case Writing Workshop (Fukuoka) [2008/09/15]

Case Writing Workshop (Fukuoka)


Based in the Kyushu area, the Case Method Study Group (Fukuoka) has been very active in sharing knowledge and experiences of utilization case method of instruction. In February 2007 the Study Group and IIST jointly organized a workshop on case method As the second round of this joint effort, a workshop was held in recognition of the increased interest in the case method teaching methodology; it was held with the theme of case writing, a subject that has commanded much attention in recent years.

Organizd by: Case Method Study Group, Case Center Japan (CCJ-IIST), Kyushu University Professional & Graduate School Consortium
Date: September 15 (Monday), 2008
Place: Seinan Gakuin University, Seinan Community Center Hall (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)


about 50 individuals, the majority of whom were university and graduate school teaching staff


Through a short demonstration case discussion presented by Professor Hoshino in the morning session, participants exchanged ideas from various positions based on their own professional points of view. During Professor Ishida’s afternoon discussion the process of case development was the subject, where he presented some of the important points to bear in mind at the time of case development.
Next, practical techniques, such as important points to remember during information gathering interviews, which are often considered the heart of case study, were introduced by Professor Yoshihara based on his wealth of experience in this area. At the last session, Ms. Etsu Inaba, Human Resources Development Manager at IIST, suggested examples of the types of cases that are currently needed in Japan from the point of view of learning effectiveness and a variety of objectives.

Despite the last day of the three-day holiday, about 50 individuals, most of whom were university and graduate school faculty members gathered in the Hall. Because many of these individuals were participants that possessed a high level of expertise in their respective fields and were already using cases as they conducted classes, from the outset there was an active and high-level exchange of ideas. The afternoon question and answer session also saw various subjects and points of views were taken up jointly by panelists and other participants, highlighting the day of workshop activities.

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Hiroshi HOSHINO, Professor of Graduate School of Economics, Kyushu University

Hiroshi HOSHINO, Professor of Graduate School of Economics, Kyushu University

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Human Resource Development Dept.

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