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Studies on International Trade Systems (Fiscal 2007)

Studies on International Trade Systems (Fiscal 2007)


The purpose of this project is to enhance understanding among the industrial circles on the trade issues that Japan is facing as well as the trade policies related to these trade issues. Accordingly, it focuses on topics that are evidently the most important for Japan, such as dispute settlement, competition laws/antitrust laws, and the WTO. IIST has supported this project since fiscal 2005 in line with IIST’s thrust and objectives.

Organized by: The Fair Trade Center, Institute for International Trade and Investment
In cooperation with: Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST)


PDF (66KB) Seminar


The seminar series were held a total of 10 times. The seminars were consisted mainly of the issues surrounding competition laws, in response to the development in Europe and America regarding laws being executed to regulate the restrictive practices of international price cartels, and enactment of anti-trust laws in China.
These seminars received high praise from the participants, who engaged in lively discussions. They also provided valuable suggestions to improve the seminar in the future and advance its objectives.

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