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(Chubu region) Mission Dispatch Program: Greater Nagoya Initiative Council (GNIC) Europe Mission 2007 (Germany,France) (FY2007) [November 18-25, 2007]

(Chubu region) Mission Dispatch Program: Greater Nagoya Initiative Council (GNIC) Europe Mission 2007 (Germany,France) (FY2007)


The Greater Nagoya economic zone that stretches across Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures has been promoting the region under the unified "Greater Nagoya" brand name. To raise awareness and ultimately invite outstanding foreign businesses to consider expansion into the region, the mission was dispatched to Europe (Dusseldorf, Germany, and Paris, France), to introduce the attractive features of the region, at the time of the Japan Business Forum held in Dusseldorf, sponsored by METI and JETRO.

Date: November 18-25, 2007


Akihiko Noro, Governor, Mie Prefecture
Kanji Kurioka, Advisor, Toyota Motor Corporation
Yoshihiro Yasui, Chairman & Director, Brother Industries, Ltd.
Yoshihiro Ohtsuji, Director, Chubu Regional Bureau of Economy and Industry
12 other participants

Visited Places

-Japan Business Forum in Dusseldorf
-Official visit to Nordrhein Westfalen (NRW) of Germany
-GNI-NRW Seminar and Exchange in Dusseldorf
-Charles De Gaulle International Airport
-Greater Nagoya Initiative Seminar and Exchange


(1) The mission participated in the Japan Business Forum and Mie Governor Mr. Noro, the leader of the GNI mission, made a presentation on the geographical advantage of the Greater Nagoya area, as well as its industrial cluster project and knowledge-intensive industrial structure. Director Ohtsushi of Chubu Bureau of Economy and Industry presented a report on the coordinated business investment promotion organized by the three prefectures and on examples of developments in industrial concentration and cluster activities.
(2) Publicity booth was set up at the Forum for exhibit and distribution of reference materials on foreign business support by Mie and other local governments.
(3) The mission visited NRW offices to exchange views on GNI-NRW coordination in activity, new energy development, etc.

(1) The mission visited leading business enterprises and public organizations in Val-d'Oise and to promote greater economic activities between Val-d'Oise and GNI and to build cooperative ties.
(2) Seminar similar to that held in Germany was held in Paris to present the attractive features and advantages of Greater Nagoya.

The mission was able to make use of the opportunity to present information on GNI and promote the beneficial features and advantages of GNI effectively to people in Germany and France who had interest in building business and investment ties with Japan. The number of participants was roughly 370 in Dusseldorf and more than 80 in Paris. It is expected to foster development of closer bilateral ties with Germany and with France.
The mission's visit to Val-d'Oise was reported in the Val-d'Oise weekly La Gazette, under the heading that "CEEVO (Val-d'Oise Economic Promotion Committee) fostered friendship with Japanese entrepreneurs."

Address by Governor Noro of Mie Prefecture

Address by Governor Noro of Mie Prefecture

GNI-NRW Seminar: Address by Governor Noro of Mie Prefecture

GNI-NRW Seminar: Address by Governor Noro of Mie Prefecture

Scene from GNI Seminar in Paris

Scene from GNI Seminar in Paris

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