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The 29th APEC Human Resources Development Working Group Meeting and The 8th Capacity Building Network Meeting (Brisbane) [Aprl 16-20, 2007]

The 29th APEC Human Resources Development Working Group Meeting and The 8th Capacity Building Network Meeting (Brisbane)


IIST has been participating in the APEC Human Resource Development Working Group (HRD-WG) Meeting and the Capacity Building Network (CBN) Meeting as a representative of Japan since APEC was established. The goal of the meeting in 2007 was to thoroughly examine the human resource development strategy of the APEC and set the direction, discuss plans for 2008, and review the status of on-going projects.

Dates: April 16th (Monday) - the 20th (Friday), 2007
-Preliminary meeting with the Lead Shepherd (APEC Secretariat)
-29th APEC Human Resource Development Working Group (HRD-WG) Meeting;
-8th Capacity Building Network (CBN) Meeting

Place: Brisbane, Australia
Organizd by: APEC
Participants: The following 18 members represented:
Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia,New Zealand, Peru, The Philippines, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, U.S.A. and Viet Nam


During the preliminary meeting with Dr. Alan Ginsburg, the new Lead Shepherd, the participants exchanged ideas about the significance of APEC-HRD, hopes and for future, and issues regarding human resource development of APEC.

At the HRDWG Meeting, the Lead Shepherd discussed his vision for the future and conveyed his aspirations for new initiatives making use of intellectual properties of pervious APEC projects and utilizing them in more effective manner.

During the CBN meeting held on the 18th and 19th of April, representatives reported on the progress and/or the completion of their respective projects. IIST reported on the completion of the Capacity Building for New Architecture for International Trade and Investment, and distributed the publication on the project. In addition IIST gave a progress report on two on-going projects: the “New Corporate Procurement Strategy on Trade and Goods and Services in the APEC Region: Supply Chain Options with CSR Perspective” and “Capacity Building for Investment Liberalization and Facilitation”. A new proposal by Japan, “IPR Strategies for Emerging Enterprises - Toward Successful Entry for Global Supply Chain,” was unanimously approved by the participants of the CBN.

The new project proposal, which concerns intellectual property rights, was tabled by IIST as the representative of Japan, and was approved on the last day of the HRD WG Meeting. The implementation of this project is planned for 2008 and will further contribute to the field of human resource development to promote trade and investment in the region.

CBN Meeting

CBN Meeting

HRD WG Meeting

HRD WG Meeting

APEC-HRD-WG participants

APEC-HRD-WG participants

Human Resource Development Dept.

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