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Invitation Program of Advanced Medicl Technology Specialists (FY2006)

Invitation Program of Advanced Medical Technology Specialists (FY2006)


IIST invited a total of eight medical experts from five countries for new training and short-term re-training, viz., two new trainees each from Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, and re-trainees from the Philippines and Malaysia. Meanwhile, IIST dispatched a research group to Asian countries.

Training Programs
(New Training) Approximately two months, starting September 11, 2006
(Short-Term Re-Training) March 11 (or 14) to 17, 2007

Invited persons:
(New Training)
Dr. Defrizal, Director, Department of Radiotherapy, National Cancer Center, Indonesia; Dr. Rahmad Mulyadi, Deputy Director, Department of Radiology, The University of Indonesia/Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital; Dr. Jade Suphapol, surgeon, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkom University, Thailand; Dr. Pornchai Jitmonmana, Lecturer, Cardio-thoracic unit, Chonburi Hospital, Thailand; Dr. Nguyen Duc Chinh, Director, Department of Septic Surgery, Viet Duc University Hospital, Vietnam; Dr. Pham Huu Thien Chi, Director, Department of Gastrointestival & Hepatobiliary Surgery, Cho Ray Hospital, Vietnam
(Short-Term Re-Training)
Dr. Fadzli Cheah Abdullah, neurological surgeon, President of the Malaysia Neurological Association, Malaysia; Dr. Adonis Bernabe C. Gascon, neurological surgeon, Victoriano Luna General Hospital, Philippines

Dispatch of Research Group
From February 4 to 17, 2007, IIST dispatched a four-member team, consisting of two doctors from Toranomon Hospital and two officials from the Japanese Council for Medical Training (JCMT), to Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. They visited the Cho Ray University in Vietnam, the Chulalongkom University and the Chonburi University in Thailand, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Indonesia, the National Cancer Center, and the Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Indonesia, to exchange opinions with executives and former trainees, meet trainee candidates, and inspect the medical facilities. During these visits, they surveyed the local medical care environment and identified the needs in carrying out this project. At the same time, they provided former trainees with lectures and hands-on training, as well as instruction on how to set up treatment apparatus.

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