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APEC Project “Capacity Building for New International Architecture in Trade and Investment” Hawaii Workshop [October 12-13, 2006]

APEC Project "Capacity Building for New International Architecture in Trade and Investment" Hawaii Workshop


Following the symposium held in October 2005, an experts’ workshop was organized in Hawaii in October 2006 to deepen the discussion and to further identify the current status of the FTAs/RTAs negotiations, trends and strategies in selected APEC members. Papers from 12 experts from amongst the APEC member economies were collected to address the distinctive situations of FTAs/RTAs negotiations in their own economies as well as the common issues amongst them under the intricate webs of multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements.

Date: October 12 and 13, 2006
Place: Hawaii, USA
Organized by: Institute for International Studies and Training
Supported by: University of Hawaii


15persons (For details, please see bottom of page.)


The workshop consisted of three sessions. In Session 1, on the morning of the first day, experts from South Korea, China, ASEAN , Japan, the US and Canada explained policies and current situations in their respective economies concerning trade and investment agreements including FTAs/RTAs. The participants discussed the issues from a variety of viewpoints, including their governments’ political and geopolitical strategies in choosing negotiating partners or sectors for FTAs/RTAs, and responses from industries.
In Session 2 in the afternoon on the same day, discussions were held on major issues relating to FTAs/RTAs. In particular, efforts were made to clarify problems concerning consistency with the WTO, dispute settlement systems, the rules-of-origin and potentials for forming the East Asian Community, among others.

In Session 3 on the second day, the merits and demerits of FTAs/RTAs were confirmed after reviewing the discussions on the previous day, and opinions were exchanged on the future directions of the new international architecture in trade and investment. Also, active discussions centered around the roles that international frameworks such as APEC are expected to play, including the aspect of human resource development.

The intensive discussion provided great stimuli to the participating experts and was highly appreciated by them. The meeting was part of the efforts to understand the international architecture in trade and investment from a variety of viewpoints and it produced very significant discussion results that would help the final output of the project. It also triggered the creation of an information exchange network among experts, which is another important achievement of the meeting.

PDF (181KB) Program

Reception at University of Hawaii

Reception at University of Hawaii

Discussion at the Workshop on Sep. 13

Discussion at the Workshop on Sep. 13

Group photograph of participants

Group photograph of participants


-Prof. Dukgeun AHN, Professor, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University (Korea)

-Dr. Charles BARRETT, Senior Executive Advisor, The Conference Board of Canada (Canada)

-Prof. Yuka FUKUNAGA, Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences, Waseda University (Japan)

-Prof. Henry GAO, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

-Mr. Takashi IWAMOTO, Executive Director, Fair Trade Center, Institute for International Trade and Investment (Japan)

-Prof. Chin Leng LIM Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

-Prof. Mitsuo MATSUSHITA Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo (Japan)

-Prof. Saadia PEKKANEN Professor, University of Washington (U.S.A)

-Mr. Samuel SCOLES Regional Director Asia, International Trade Services, White & Case LLP Singapore Office (Singapore)

-Prof. Rajesh SHARMA Associate Director & Research Fellow, Hong Kong WTO Research Institute (Hong Kong, China)

-Dr. Seiji NAYA Professor Emeritus, The University of Hawaii (U.S.A.)

-Dr. Deane NEUBAUER Professor Emeritus of Political Science, The University of Hawaii (U.S.A.)

-Mr. Takato OJIMI Vice President & Managing Director, Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST) (Japan)

-Ms. Etsu INABA Director, Human Resource Development Department, IIST (Japan)

-Ms. Shizuka ICHIMASA Program Coordinator, Human Resource Development Department, IIST (Japan)

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