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Studies on International Trade Systems (Fiscal 2005)

Studies on International Trade Systems (Fiscal 2005)


The purpose of this project is to update the industry executives on the trade issues that Japan is facing as well as the policies in response to the trade issues. The topics covered for this year included dispute settlement, competition laws/antitrust laws, and WTO. IIST has supported this project as it is in line with its objectives.

Organized by: The Fair Trade Center, Institute for International Trade and Investment
In cooperation with: Institute for International Studies and Training (IIST)


May 11, 2005
“Roles of Dispute Settlement in the WTO and their Issues”
Lecturer:Dr. W. Zdouc, Counselor (Appellate Body Secretariat, World Trade Organization)

May 19, 2005
“Focused Assessments" by the U.S. Bureau of Customs & Border Protection”
Lecturer: Mr. K. G. Weigel (Lawyer, Alston & Bird LLP)

May 24, 2005
“Audit and Security Programs Administered by U.S. Customs”
Lecturers: Mr. D. Foster (Lawyer, Miller & Chevalier)
Mr. J. Rogers (Lawyer, Miller & Chevalier)
Mr. J. Whitlock (Lawyer, Miller & Chevalier)

July 6, 2005
“Draft Antitrust Law in China-- Its characteristics and review--Comparison between the latest antitrust law in China and the antitrust laws in Japan, the USA and the EU”
Lecturer: Dr. Mitsuo Matsushita, SJD
(Professor of Law, Seikei Law School, Seikei University Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo)

July 28, 2005
“Latest trends related to the trade issues in China: Anti-dumping, intellectual property rights, and antitrust law”
Lecturers: Ms. Yao Feng (Lawyer, Broad & Bright, China)
Mr. Jun Ji (Lawyer, Broad & Bright, China)

September 27, 2005
“Recent trends related to the antitrust policies in the USA and the EU”
Lecturers: Mr. M. Hansen
Mr. A. Lipsky (Lawyer, Latham & Watkins LLP)
Mr. Daisuke Yoshida (Lawyer, Latham & Watkins LLP)

October 12, 2005
“The Global Reach of U.S. Courts”
Lecturers: Mr. P. Chaffetz (Lawyers, Clifford Chance LLP)
Mr. L. Blad (Lawyers, Clifford Chance LLP)

November 17, 2005
“International Commercial Arbitration”
Lecturer: Mr. S. Finizio (Lawyer, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP)

January 16, 2006
“Trade policy in Japan after the WTO Ministerial Meeting in Hong Kong”
Lecturer: Mr. Shigehiro Tanaka, (Director, Multilateral Trade System Department, Trade Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

“Revised Antitrust Law and Corporate Practices: Responses to the new system regarding increased charges, reductions/exemption and stricter penalties”
Lecturer: Dr. Mitsuo Matsushita (Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo, Lawyer, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu)


The theme of each seminar was determined based on the relevance and importance to the industry sectors:

-the seminars on the dispute settlement and WTO were chosen for raising awareness, as the industry does not necessarily have the knowledge and experience of these issues;

- the seminars focusing on economic conditions of the USA and China were offered in response to the strong demand from the corporate sector operating in those two countries; and

- the seminars on the antitrust laws were carried out due to the high interest of the industry in what the revised law brings about in Japan.

The objectives of the seminars were accomplished, as the experts and the industry representatives continued dialogues and deepened their mutual understanding on improvements to the international trade practices.

Experts discussion session with Dr. Zdouc on the WTO dispute settlement

Experts discussion session with Dr. Zdouc on the WTO dispute settlement

General Affairs Dept.

(For the Japanese version of this article)

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