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Invitation Program of Advanced Medicl Technology Specialists (FY2004)

Invitation Program of Advanced Medicl Technology Specialists (FY2004)


As shown below, we held two training programs (1st and 2nd courses), inviting six medical experts from four countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Mongolia). We also dispatched a survey mission and a follow-up mission.

Training Programs
(1st course) May 31-July 30, 2004
(2nd course) September 27-November 26, 2004

Invited persons:
(1st course)
Fielda Djuita (doctor, Department of Radiology, National Cancer Center, Indonesia), Ibnu Benbadi (doctor, Department of Brain Surgery, R.S Cipto Mangunkusumo, University of Indonesia, Indonesia), Nurul khaiza Binti Yahya (doctor, Department of Immunology, University of Science Malaysia, Malaysia)
(2nd course)
Sombat Apitamsuntorn (doctor, Department of Cardiovascular System, Chonburi Hospital, Thailand), Ganbaatar Rentsenbalba (doctor, Department of Surgery, National Cancer Center, Mongolia), Apichai Vasuratna (doctor, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Chulalongkorn University/Assistant Professor, Thailand)

Survey mission
Two persons were sent to Vietnam, one to both Malaysia and Indonesia, and one to Indonesia during the period from the end of November 2004 to early February of 2005.

Follow-up mission
During the period from mid-December of 2004 to early February of 2005, four doctors from Toranomon Hospital gave lectures and practical guidance to people who had been invited to Japan as well as other participants in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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