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KYUSHU Industrial Tour (FY2004) [June 01-02, 2004]

KYUSHU Industrial Tour (FY2004)


The Institute held the Kyushu Industrial Tour from June 1 to 3, 2004, at which diplomats and others from 11 countries and areas, who were engaged in direct foreign investment at foreign embassies and other agencies located within Japan participated and deepened their understanding of the investment environment in Kyushu.

Dates: June 1-2, 2004


14persons (For details, please see bottom of page.)

Visited places

-Cyber Connect 2 Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka)
-Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corporation (Kumamoto)
-Oita Foreign Access Zone (FAZ)and Ozai Container terminal
-Nippon Steel Corporation
-Oita Canon Inc.


Participants learned about widely-developing industries in Kyushu, including the traditional Japanese steel industry, a game company attracting much attention in the contents industry, and advanced technologies for digital cameras. At a meeting with participants, representatives of local companies in Kyushu negotiated with the participants on specific business deals. Also, the local representativesreceived specific advice on how to attract foreign investment from the participants actually engaged in direct foreign investment. The tour was thus highly evaluated by the representatives in that it contributed to the effective advertisement of local industries and suitable industrial locations in Kyushu.

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Cyber Connect 2 Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka)

Briefing on the investment environment in Kumamoto

Briefing on the investment environment in Kumamoto




-Mr. MI Chuan (Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Japan)
Third Secretary Office of Economic Counsellor

-Mr. Eliano FIORE (The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan)
Secretary General

-Ms. Annemie LELIE (Embassy of Belgium)
First Secretary

-Mr. Theo PETERS (Royal Netherlands Embassy)
Commercial Counsellor

-Ms. Sarah WITHERS (Australian Embassy in Japan)
Third Secretary, Trade and Economic

-Mr. Michael JEHLE (Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Japan)
Third Secretary

-Mr. Mattias BERGMAN (Embassy of Sweden in Japan)
Commercial Counsellor

-Mr. Neil HOOK (British Consulate-General in Osaka)

-Mr. Richard LYLE (British Trade Promotion Office in Fukuoka)
Head of Office

-Dr. Sergio INCLAN (Embassy of Mexico in Japan)
Commercial Minister

-Ms. Elaine PAPLOS (Embassy of the United States of America in Japan)
Second Secretary and Vice Consul

-Mr. Louis GAETAN (Embassy of Canada in Japan)
Counsellor and Consul (Department of Science and Technology Investments)

-Mr. UEMURA Kazuhiro (Consulate of Danada in Fukuoka)
Trade Commissioner

-Mr. Thomas NACKE (European Union, Delegation of the European Commission in Japan)
First Secretary

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