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The 25th Leadership Program on Japan (FY2001) Symposium on Entrepreneurial Ventures [March 03-06, 2002]

The 25th Leadership Program on Japan (FY2001)
Symposium on Entrepreneurial Ventures [March 03-06, 2002]


In the 25th program held focusing on “Entrepreneurial Ventures and Corporate Innovation in New Global Era” as its theme, an international symposium and a workshop were held, with six persons invited from overseas including entrepreneurs, innovative cooperate executives, and experts in the development of human resources.

Dates: March 3-6, 2002

Invited participants

6persons (For details, please see bottom of page.)


The participants attended an international symposium titled Entrepreneurial Ventures and Corporate Innovation in New Global Era” as speakers.
They introduced the innovative entrepreneurship examples of their countries or companies to an audience of approximately 150 persons and held subsequent question and answer sessions.
At the workshop held on the second day, they exchanged opinions with entrepreneurs and representatives of entrepreneur support organizations invited from the Kansai area.
Also, as part of the activities to deepen their understanding of Japan, the participants exchanged opinions with related individuals invited from the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kansai Economic Federation, the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, etc., and visited several companies.
The program gave the participants an opportunity to deepen their understanding about Japan’s situation regarding the development of venture companies and mutually learn the entrepreneurship environments, which differ by country. This had important implications for related individuals in Japan.


March 4 (Mon.), 2002 (Tokyo):
International Symposium on Entrepreneurial Ventures and Corporate Innovations in New Global Era -Corporate Strategies and Human Resource Development in the Asia Pacific Region
Keynote Speech:“Technology and Corporate Innovation in Japan -IT-Generated New Paradigm in Human Resource Development- “
Prof. Takemochi Ishii, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University

-Mr. Kim do Jin, President, Thrunet Shopping, Inc. (Korea)
-Mr. Chuang Chiu-Hsiung, President, Incubation Center, National Changhua University of Education (Chinese Taipei)
-Mr. Yeo Nai Meng, Executive General Manager, Deep Video Imaging, Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
-Prof. Mitsuru Mizuno, Professor Graduate School of Business Nihon University
-Prof. Eduardo A. Morato, Jr., Dean, Asian Institute of Management (Philippines)
-Prof. Morimitsu Inaba, Professor, College of Law, Nihon University (Japan)
-Dr. Charles A. Barrett, Vice President, The Conference Board of Canada (Canada)
-Prof. Nigel Haworth, Professor, Department of International Business, University of Auckland (New Zealand)

International Symposium, Panel Discussion

International Symposium, Panel Discussion

March 5 (Tue.) (Tokyo, Osaka):
Workshop (Tokyo)
Meeting with Japanese Business Leaders in Kansai

Meeting with Japanese Business Leaders in Kansai

March 6 (Wed.) (Kyoto):
Visit to KTC

Visit to KTC

Invited participants

-Dr. Charles A. Barrett (Canada)
Vice President, Business Research
The Conference Board of Canada

-Mr. Kim Do Jin (Korea)
President & CEO
Thrunet Shopping Inc.

-Dr. Nigel Anthony Fell Haworth (New Zealand)
Head of Department of International Business
The University of Auckland

-Prof. Eduardo A. Morato, Jr. (Philippines)
Asian Institute of Management (AIM)

-Mr. Yeo Nai Meng (Singapore)
Executive General Manager, Deep Video Imaging Pte Ltd
Director, Plan-B Technologies Pte Ltd

-Dr. Yu-Chen Tsai (Chinese Taipei)
Section Chief, Small and Medium Enterprises Administration
Ministry of Economic Affairs

International Exchange Dept.

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