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The 24th Leadership Program on Japan (FY2001) Theme: Risk Management Symposium [December 10-13, 2001]

The 24th Leadership Program on Japan (FY2001)
Theme: Risk Management Symposium


In the 24th program, an international symposium and a workshop were held focusing on risk management, with four experts in the field invited.

December 10-13, 2001

Invited participants

4persons (For details, please see bottom of page.)


As shown below, the participants attended an international symposium entitled “Risk Management in High-Risk Society?Towards Effective Corporate Governance” as speakers and panelists. An audience of over 260 persons attended the symposium. The speakers gave lectures on the risk management situations in their countries, and active question and answer sessions were subsequently held. At an expert workshop held on the second day, the participating experts conducted discussions with their counterparts in Japan to deepen their understanding about the risk management situation in Japan. In addition, they gave participants from the Japanese side meaningful suggestions regarding the future direction of risk management.


December 11 (Mon) (Tokyo):
International Symposium: “Risk Management in High-Risk Society-Towards Effective Corporate Governance”
Coordinator: Atsushi Umeda, Managing Director, KHK ISO Center

・Maekawa Yutaka, Chairman of the Board, Association of Risk Management
・Kevin W. Knight, Risk Management Coordinator, Queensland Education Department
・Colin E. Wiltshire, Partner, Performance Management Network, President, Wiltshire Consulting Inc.
・Felipe B. Alfonso, Co-Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, Asian Institute of Management (AIM)
・Paul Smith, Practice Head (Risk Management), March Risk Consulting

December 12 (Tues) (Tokyo):
Expert Workshop
Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion



Invited participants

-Mr. Kevin W. Knight (Australia)
Risk Management Coordinator
Queensland Education Department
Brisbane, Queensland

-Mr. Colin E. Wiltshire (Canada)
Partner, Performance Management Network (PMN)
President, Wiltshire Consulting Inc.

-Prof. Felipe B. Alfonso (Philippines)
Co-Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees
Asian Institute of Management

-Mr. Paul Smith (U.K.)
Practice Head (Risk Management)
Marsh Risk Consulting

International Exchange Dept.

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